Personal Loan Comparison

Personal Loan Comparison

A personal loan is a type of unsecured loan, which means the debt isn’t secured against any of your assets. With a personal loan, you borrow a fixed amount over a fixed term and generally pay a fixed amount of interest. You then repay this over time, making set monthly repayments that are manageable to you.  A personal loan comparison tool can help your search for the best loan.

When searching for a personal loan we would strongly recommend you use a personal loan comparison tool. This allows you to input all your personal information and preferred loan term and amount then produces a set of realistic loan results for you. These loans will be from a leading panel of lenders.

When comparing loans you need to ensure you are looking at the fees and charges associated with the loan. You need to check all the small print and be clear on early repayment information and deferred payments.

Applying for a Personal Loan using a Loan Comparison Tool

The comparison tool tells you which loans you are most likely to be accepted for. It also allows you to avoid the ones you would be declined for. Been declined for a personal loan can have a negative effect on your credit score which can make it harder to borrow in future.

With Money ID we do the hard work for you. Simply fill out your personal details and our smart search technology will match you to the most realistic loan for you. Get started here.

Finding the Best Loan for me with a Loan Comparison Site

Your personal loan can be used for a number of things. Whether you want to pay off already existing debt, make a one off purchase of a car or holiday, pay for a wedding or make home improvements, a personal loan lets you make one manageable repayment per month.

Personal Loan Comparison with Money ID

Please note that Money ID is a credit broker, not a lender. That means we don’t provide credit to you, but we can make your search for the perfect lender and suitable loan much easier by helping you compare your offers all in one place. Please also be aware that any decisions are not made by Money ID and are made by the lender. Agreements for loans are between the lender and the customer and not Money ID.