Wedding Loans

Wedding loans

A wedding is a special occasion, but they can also be very expensive and many don’t have the funds readily available to pay for such an important event. You, therefore, may consider look at wedding loans as an option to fund your dream day.

The average cost of a UK wedding is between £20,000 and £30,000. You may have savings put aside or are receiving help from your family, but there’s still a chance that you need a loan to top up the funds you already have.

Sit down with your partner and talk carefully about whether a wedding loan is right for you. You can read into wedding loans and the various options available, or you could use a loan comparison tool to show you real rates, personalised to you. The Money ID tool can show you your best options in minutes, just click here.

Wedding loans can be used for a number of things; the dream wedding dress or grooms suit, your wedding venue, your wedding breakfast or even the cars you want to arrive in. Wedding planning is stressful without having to worry about every penny you are spending or how you are going to pay for certain parts of your day. A wedding loan can help you spread the cost over a realistic time frame, that makes your re-payments manageable.

A personal wedding loan could be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to fund your big day.

Advantages of a wedding loan

Many couples have the ability to save over a number of years, knowing that one day they will tie the knot but for many this is not the case. Although most couples will have some money saved to go towards their nuptials, many will struggle to fund the full amount.

Advantages of a wedding loan will be different for everyone but in many cases we find the following benefits are applicable to many:

Wedding Loan Comparison

There are hundreds of lenders and options for a wedding loan, and shopping around can certainly help find the best option for you. When searching for a wedding loan you want to find the lowest rate over your desired time frame. This will ensure you are paying as little as possible for your credit. .

Our wedding loans comparison tool can help you find the best loan for you. Simply fill out our application by visiting Get My Rates and receive your rates within minutes, with no impact on your credit score.